The DINAME Organizing Committee will make available a shuttle service between Guarulhos International Airport and Maresias Beach Hotel on Sunday, March 13th, and Monday 14th. Shuttle Schedules on Sunday are 10AM, 1PM and 6PM. A mini-bus will be provided for the 10AM and 6PM departure times while a full size bus will be provided at 1PM. The itinerary of the full size bus should start at São Carlos City early Sunday morning and should make a stop at Campinas before arriving at Guarulhos Airport.
On Monday morning, a mini-bus will be available at 10 AM from Guarulhos Airport. Meeting spot is inside Terminal 2 near  Ballon Café at the street level.
For the colleagues arriving at the Congonhas Airport, there exists a commercial bus shuttle service from Congonhas to Guarulhos Airport.
Finally, for those who miss the aboved mentioned transportation opportunities, there exists a regular bus service, provided by Litoranea, leaving from Tietê Bus Station (that can be reached by bus from the Airport). Choose the São Paulo-São Sebastião line via Mogi-Bertioga Highway. In this case, ask the bus driver to drop you off at the Maresias Hotel entrance.
As a last resort, you could hire a cab service for approximatelly R$ 300,00. Do not forget to settle cost with the taxi driver before your journey (in advance). Remind the cab driver that the journey from the airport to Maresias Hotel should be no longer than a 160 km (100 miles).
Shuttle Service will also be available for the way back, from Maresias, on Friday 18th afternoon.