DINAME 2011 will be held from March 13 to 18, 2011 at Maresias Beach Hotel, on the beach of Maresias, São Sebastião, a seashore small county located at 180km east from São Paulo and 400km from Rio de Janeiro. São Paulo State northern shore is a place where one still find beaches where the construction of high rise buildings is forbidden and human occupation is controlled, giving the region a charming and rustic atmosphere. São Sebastião is a lengthy county squeezed between the ocean and the mountains of Serra do Mar covered by one of the largest preserved reserved of the Atlantic Rain Forest. Maresias is one of the best renown beaches of São Sebastião, good for surfing and visited often by young and health aware people.

Maresias Beach Hotel is a resort hotel located in the midst of this intense and rich ecosystem, right at Maresias beach. The hotel has 93 accommodations, most of them with balcony and view of the sea, built with good taste in its architecture and interior decoration, in a friendly and informal style. The hotel convention center is comprised of three conference rooms, the largest one with capacity for up to 150 people, each room fully equipped for videoconferencing, a spacious foyer for coffee breaks and a supporting room. Wireless internet connection is available throughout the hotel. Many options for leisure and sports are also available. They vary from regulars such as beach volley-ball, soccer, tennis, ecological walking and wind surfing to radical ones such as rafting and scuba diving in the neighborhoods. São Sebastião historical city is 35km north of Maresias and after crossing the São Sebastião channel you find Ilhabela. Some will remember the DINAME 2007 held there.

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